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New book for author marilyn wassmann teaches us what matters most “The Opossum and the Cats”

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In a fascinating tale of a surprising friendship between a cat with five kittens and a loner opossum, author Marilyn Wassmann’s new release shows how fate knocks on your door unexpectedly and changes your life.

The arts have always been interesting to author Marilyn B. Wassmann, even at an early age. She went on to get four degrees (one in library science, two in art history, and another in studio art) and worked at the Library of Congress as an art cataloger. When she retired in 2011, coupled with the love and encouragement of her husband Paul, she turned her energies into writing children’s books and poetry. She also dabbles in drawing and painting. Her illustrations and contributions have been part of the Greenbelt Writers Group anthologies. She resides in Maryland.

When an opossum finds an uninvited guest in his little hole, he decides to house the mother cat in labor. Her five kittens, small as they may be, turned out to be naughty and playful, much to the opossum’s surprise. Initially doubting if the help he extended is worth it, the opossum soon finds the cat family’s presence in his hole heartwarming. But, childish and playful as they are, the kittens soon find themselves in danger of drowning in a pond despite their mother’s warnings. With only the opossum left to save them, they cling to his tail in order to get to safety.

A story of friendship, change, and love, The Opossum and the Cats teaches us how accommodating others and the playfulness of the young change one’s life for the better. You may get a copy of The Opossum and the Cat on or at bookstores near you. Visit our merchandise.