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The Opossum and the Cats by author Marilyn Wassmann is a story that shows how important a kind decision can lead to a great friendship for both humans and even animals.
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Opening your space to another, although at times may bring you discomfort is always worth the risk. The Opossum and the Cats written by Marilyn Wassaman is a beautiful story told in Rhyme.
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Marilyn Wassaman’s The Opossum and the Cats is a lovely, rhymed narrative that tells about the opossum’s benevolence and the thankfulness instilled in the litter by their mother.
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The Opossum and the Cats by Marilyn Wassmann is a cute book with adorable illustrations in the form of line drawings.
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Marilyn Benjamin Wassmann

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Marilyn Benjamin Wassmann was born in a leap year and earned four degrees-two in art history, one in library science, and one in studio art. Before retiring in 2011, Marilyn worked as an art cataloguer at the Library of Congress. She has illustrated and contributed to anthologies for the Greenbelt Writers Group. In 2016, she published Pen Scratching Poets: A Collection of One Family’s Creative Pursuits with her husband Paul.

Besides drawing and painting, Marilyn writes poetry in her spare time. She lives in Hyattsville, Maryland with her husband Paul, and some fish, one rabbit, one dog, and several cats.

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